Sunday, March 16, 2014

The philosophy behind the Venus Factor Diet

Before you embark on the Venus diet journey, there's a few things you should know not just about the diet but the physiology of your body. There's a reason this diet works for woman. And there's definitely a reason why this is one of the most popular diets in action right now. I'm not a fan of recommending things without teaching you about how it works first. That's what this article is here for.
By nature, females have slower metabolism compared to males. However, this can be not the rationale why they can not lose very much like men of identical age performing identical exercise and eating just as  healthily. Physiologically a woman’s body is supposed to retain fat so as to make adequate reserves for the growing baby just in case of the event of maternity.
The gain tends to start out when pubescence and worsen with conception. the weight gained isn't lost even when delivery occurs. Typically even when there is a noticeable success, the surplus pounds creep back soon. for several years, the rationale for this development wasn't renowned.
Recently, breakthrough has been experienced within the weight loss and diet business where they have descovered the endocrine Leptin. This endocrine controls appetency, hunger, metabolism and as such  weight. In addition, it controls behavior and your food cravings. It's made from the fat tissues of your body and is secreted in response to food within the abdomen.
Leptin signals the brain center that controls appetency and hunger to tell the body that enough has food has been consumed and it's time to shut off. It then stimulates the burning of fat to produce energy.
Because the number of fatty tissue in women are considered to be double the maximum amount in men, the current leptin levels are also double that of men. While conventional logic would make it seem like this would make it easier for women to lose weight, this is not the case. More often than not, it's harder.
While there is still some work involved (as is the case with every good diet), the Venus Diet is the easiest of them all. By increasing production of the endocrine Leptin, your food cravings are reduced. Fat is burned off. You have more energy. And best of all, you lose weight! Which I think is something we all want.

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