Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make your voice heard!

We've got to make sure that Capcom understands that we're not pleased with the cancellation. Contact them using the below information and make your voice heard.


Capcom Customer Support Section
Phone Number : +81-6-6946-3099
Business hours : Mon-Fri 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:30

Contact Us page (Japanese Page)

An even better decision would be to send snail mail, which a group of fans are doing. They've provided templates that you can use which I have posted below.

Happy | Happy
Sad | Sad
Yelling | Yelling
Worried | Worried
Angry | Angry
Shocked | Shocked
Curious | Curious
Confused | Confused

Fill in the templates with a message that tells Capcom that you want Mega Man Legends 3 and that you won't stand for this. Be sure to be polite, though. ;)

Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
800 Concar Drive, Suite 300
San Mateo, CA 94402
Of course you’ll always want to address them to a particular person. Greg “Gregaman” Moore is the likely choice as the Devroom liason, but I think it would also be good to consider people like Seth Killian, Christian Svensson and Shawn Baxter. If you have the means, send a letter to each of them!
Lets make our voices be heard!

More info can be found here.

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